spintowel® is a two piece towel set for an indoor cycling bike.   A slip cover for the handlebars and wiping towel. Both towels made of durable and high quality cotton terry cloth.  Reusable for use in home or in studio.

spintowel® customer that made us SMILE!

Benefit to the spintowel that we had not thought of...

Here at spintowel we receive customer feedback everyday!  A majority of the feedback is good and helpful.  Somedays we receive a message that really blows us away...

Just ordered 2 spintowels for my wife who was recently diagnosed with allergic issues after a recent surgery.  As crazy as it sounds, one of the many things that she is now allergic to is the black rubberized material on the Peloton handle bars.  Bet you never thought that would be one of the reasons people would by your product.  It is going to be a huge benefit for her!  Thanks for creating a great product for all of us!  You can share our / her story on your social.  Her name is Dana.  We are looking forward to her towels arriving and her getting back on the bike that goes nowhere!  Thanks again! 

Mark H.....

Dana..we are so pleased that you can get back on the BIKE THAT GOES NOWHERE!  This brings new meaning to the tag...'KEEP IT Tidy'.

Courtney and Dave




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